Pass Your Light

Spread the light to thoes you love, miss, and care about

Our vision

The moon is a rock that has no light of its own yet it reflects the sunshine and passes it with its silver rays lightning through our dark nights. We are like the moon, each one of us has a ray of light inside and during the darkness of the covid-19 pandemic, this inner light of many of us has faded. That's why we have arranged this event. To pass our light, reflex and spread love, good vibes and hope.

Never feel lonely when you are alone

We invite you to exchange lights by visiting our physical event. Here we offer you an illustrative model about the event. The event is quantities of light shed on a crystal in the center of the hall, which in turn will spread scattered lights, and each participant of the event will receive a mirror to track the light and pass it to another participant


When you share you care.. let your loved ones get your care

Shed lights on your feelings and let your whole world shine

Pass your overwhelmed signals with lights to your crush

Don't hesitate expressing your noble feelings and showing them..

Pass your light and shine